Words, Rhymes and Creekside Times

An event sorted by the peeps at Flavour Magazine. A dense night of poetry, spoken word and just pure utter lyrical genius-ness!

The night was hosted by Dean Atta; an award winning poet, writer, performer and proud winner of the Spirit of London Award for 'Achievement through the Arts'.

Anthony Anaxagorou 
The Ruby Kid
Nadia K
Isaac Nartey
Deanna Rodger
Bridget Minamore
Conrad The Scoundrel
JJSOULX (singer) 

There was an open mic section midway through the event. There were 3 poets by the names of Kemi, Carmel and Lionheart. They all delivered some heart-touching, mind-churning poetry that had us all cemented to our seats.

I must admit the stars of the show were the girls (no older than 11years) from the local youth club that Dean Atta had been mentoring for the past few days. They had written poems and small pieces describing emotions, and people they care about. The quality was TOP-NOTCH and they most definitely struck some chords with the audience.

The highlight for me was the poem they did together that they called - Things Money Can't Buy.
They were listing things that could be bought this Christmas and contrasting them with priceless things. The line that got me was "Money can buy you a train ticket, but it can't buy your destination" which sank into me. I get the train down from uni every holiday to spend it with my family and I do wish the ticket was cheaper, but these girls made me realise that that there are  people like myself that go back home for the holidays to find that they don't feel as welcome in their own home. They arrive to find that things have changed dramatically and there's no room in the family picture for them. My thoughts go out to those ones.

The journey....
I ventured with my home-ette Liz Van Doef - trudging pon di tfl.

with pizzazzz. Making noise as usual, dancing in that gap that's always been talked about in the tannoy lol =P

...In the place now and we spot another handsome lad, that knew what he was doing. 
HONESTLY, what are the chances?
I felt honoured to know that someone as talented and blessed as THE RUBY KID, wanted to leave his house looking like me =D lol

Meet Liz VanDoef...
(I know this isn't the most flattering picture... But this is what you do Liz, this is just what you do.)

She's been my sis for nearly 4 years (I think =S). 
The one that knows when my situation changes between the extremities of emotions.
The one that sprays bars when I box out a beat,
The one that helps me dress my mind with wisdom.
The one that hooks me up.
The one that's humble, caring and kind.
The one that just knows how to run the business.
The one that opens bottles with her teeth

She can do greatness too!
Preeeee the beginning of something beautiful.
Her first ever performance poem:

T  .  I  .  M  .  E

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